The Network of Excellence in Corneal Regeneration

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COST Action BM1302

Joining forces in Corneal Regeneration

Corneal blindness is a worldwide problem and can be treated by transplantation of donor human tissue, or by implantation of artificial, non-biological corneas. However, there is a great lack of donors worldwide and current implants are either expensive or do not integrate well. The solution may be found in the development of biodegradable artificial corneas, consisting of bio-matrices seeded with host limbal stem cells. However, current emerging research is in its early... [ read more ]

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MC WG meeting 9 Sept 2016 Copenhagen

COST BM1302 MC/WG meeting

6 pm to 9pm Sept... [ read more ]

The NExCR is managed by the COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)
Action BM1302 "Joining Forces in Corneal Regeneration Research" 2014-2017.