The Network of Excellence in Corneal Regeneration

Andrew Hopkinson, PhD

Principal Research Fellow / Associate Professor

Division of Ophthalmology, University Nottingham, UK



2007: ATP (Associate Teachers Programme) University Of Nottingham

2005: PhD (Molecular Biology) University of Nottingham

1999: BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences, Nottingham Trent University


Research interest:

Conceptualise develop and translate innovative healthcare-driven pipeline research technologies from the bench through pre-clinical confidence-in-concept investigations to clinical realisation. Continue to lead the strategic vision planning and direction of pre-clinical research, and expand the scientific research profile of the team to improve output, quality, and impact. Develop and maintain partnerships with external healthcare professional, opinion leaders, and interdisciplinary investigators to facilitate clinical adoption and business development opportunities of existing and pipeline technologies.

  • Assembled an independent multidisciplinary research team to develop innovate regenerative technologies.
  • Foundered of the Nottingham Centre for Eye Research (NCER); A platform to facilitate long term professional relationships between multidisciplinary scientists, external HCP, and industrial partners - launching July 2013.
  • Founder member of the Network of Excellence in Corneal Regeneration (NExCR)
  • Translated clinical ophthalmic therapy (Omnigen) from bench to GMP manufacturing for preclinical application.
  • Home Office project licence holder (Modules 5 trained) for pre-­â€clinical regulatory studies.
  • Conceptualised, evolved and effected an in vivo rabbit ocular burns model for pre-clinical investigations
  • Instigated GLP implementation into the University in vivo facility allowing pre-clinical regulatory studies
  • Forged a partnership with a contract manufacturing organization for GMP production of pre-clinical products
  • Identified a shortfall in amnion regulatory directive; engaged regulatory authorities (MHRA/HTA/EMA) to expedite a regulatory authority change for improved clinical and commercial access to Omnigen.
  • Successfully secured 4 highly competitive innovation fellowships to foster commercial and marketing expertise.
  • Published 7 high-impact peer reviewed publications, secured 7 competitive funding streams and filed 3 patents.
  • Project managed all aspects of research development to accelerate research & impact output by 300%.
  • Devised & implemented strategies for expanding research within the area of Glaucoma and AMD.



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University of Nottingham
Ophthalmology, University of Nottingham
B Floor, Eye and ENT Centre
QMC Campus, Nottingham
NG7 2UH Nottingham
United Kingdom

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The NExCR is managed by the COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)
Action BM1302 "Joining Forces in Corneal Regeneration Research" 2014-2017.