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Heli Skottman, PhD

Associate Professor Heli Skottman, PhD, joined BioMediTech (former Regea Institute for Regenerative Medicine), University of Tampere in 2005 as Program manager of human stem cell research, having worked as a postdoctoral research fellow in Karolinska Institute, Sweden and University of Turku Finland.


Dr. Skottman has over 13 years’ experience on human pluripotent stem cells, derivation of new lines and optimization of culture conditions towards GMP production. Last 7 years she has devoted herself in eye research targeting already from the early phases of research towards clinical applications in ophthalmology.


Her special interests are in retinal and corneal diseases, developing human pluripotent stem cell based tools for disease modeling, drug discovery and cell transplantation.  In addition, she has experience on intellectual property strategy, licensing of stem cell products and spin off companies.


Dr. Skottman holds M.Sc. in applied zoology and a Ph.D. in molecular animal biotechnology in University of Eastern Finland, Finland. In addition she has educated herself in Turku School of Economics, Finland. She has co-authored several patent applications and has over 70 peer reviewed publications in area of human stem cell research.


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