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Neil Lagali, PhD

Date of birth: May 6, 1973 
Citizenship: Canadian, Swedish 

Current title 
 Docent i experimentell oftamologi 
(Lecturer in experimental ophthalmology) 
Current position 
 Associate Professor and Docent, Ophthalmology 
Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Linköping University 
From 2012-02-01 
Previous positions (academic) 
EU-FP7 Marie Curie International Incoming Research Fellow 2009-04-01 to 2011-04-01 
Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, IKE 
Linköping University, Sweden 
Visiting Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2007-11-01 to 2009-03-31 
County Council of Östergötland 
Department of Ophthalmology, Linköping University Hospital, Sweden 
Research Associate 2007-04-01 to 2007-10-15 
University of Ottawa Eye Institute, Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, Canada 
CIHR Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2003-09-01 to 2007-03-31 
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, Canada 
NSERC International Postdoctoral Research Fellow 1999-10-01 to 2000-09-01 
MESA +  Research Institute, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands 


Work address: 
Eye Clinic, Plan 9 
Department of Ophthalmology 
Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine 
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences 
Linköping University 581 83, Linköping, Sweden 
Tel. +46 10 103 4658 
Fax  +46 10 103 3065 


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